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mobility three wheeler

Coslight India provides EV & Smart Mobility Battery Modules Customization with latest Technology Upgrades and advanced features . 

Product Specification for Three Wheeler

Battery Rating 51.2V/80AH 51.2V/100AH 51.2V/150AH 51.2V/200AH
Chemistry LFP-(Lithium Iron) LFP-(Lithium Iron) LFP-(Lithium Iron) LFP-(Lithium Iron)
Nominal Voltage and Capacity 51.2V(1P16S)/80AH 51.2V(1P16S)/100AH 51.2V(1P16S)/150AH 51.2V(2P16S)/200AH
Nominal Charging Voltage 56.7V 56.7V 56.7V 56.7V
Max Charge/Discharge power 2KW / 4KW 2.5 kW / 5KW 5KW / 6.1KW 10.2 kW / 31.2 KW
Life @80% DOD and 35 deg C 3000 Cycles 3000 Cycles 3000 Cycles 3000 Cycles
Weight 45kg 55 kg 65kg 90 kg
Dimension 240mm(W) X 435 mm(D) X246mm(H) 240mm(W) X 435 mm(D) X300mm(H) 420mm(W) X 600 mm(D) X270mm(H) 320mm(W) X 750 mm(D) X290mm(H)
IP IP-65 IP-65 IP-65 IP-65
Communication Interface RS-485 &CAN* RS-485 &CAN* RS-485 &CAN* RS-485 &CAN*
Mobile App/Cloud Monitering Optional Optional Optional Optional