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Electric Forklift Battery

  • Modularized battery pack design, support fast plug.
  • High power type LFP battery, meet the electric forklift demand of high current charge and discharge.
  • Built-in intelligent BMS system, real-time monitoring battery charge and discharge state, avoid battery overcharge, over-discharge, over-temperature, prolong battery life, ensure battery pack safe and stable operation.

Product Parameters

Parameters Value Remark
Nominal Voltage(V) 51.2V  
Power(Wh) 20480  
Nominal Capacity(Ah) 400  
Final Charge Voltage(V) 56  
Max Charge Current(A) 150 Charge with special charger
Final Charge Current(A) 20  
Final Discharge Voltage(V) 32  
Standard Continuous Discharge Current(A) 200 Recommended value 0.5C
Internal Resistance(mΩ) ≤100  
Battery Pack Dimension(mm) 460*560*390 Hoisting part included
Discharge Temperature Range (°C) -10~55  
Charge Temperature Range (°C) 0~45  
Storage Temperature Range (°C) -40~55  
Storage Ambient Humidity(RH) 5%~95%  
Working Ambient Humidity(RH) ≤85%  
Positive and Negative Leads REMA 320A Connector  
Case Material Metal Plate